Special Session Call for Papers

Systems Science & Engineering
SMC2013:S01 Systems of Systems
SMC2013:S02 Intelligent Learning in Control Systems
SMC2013:S03 Healthcare and Enterprise Systems
SMC2013:S04 Intelligent Internet Systems
SMC2013:S05 Distributed Adaptive Systems
SMC2013:S06 Intelligent Real-Time Automation and Agent-based Systems
SMC2013:S07 Decision Support Systems based on Multicriteria Models
SMC2013:S08 Self-Organization and Emergence in Distributed Manufacturing Systems
SMC2013:S09 Meta-synthesis and Complex Systems
SMC2013:S10 Decision Support Systems for Management Science
SMC2013:S11 Service Science for Managing Creativity, Innovation and Openness in Modern Enterprise
SMC2013:S12 Environmental Information Systems
SMC2013:s13 Emerging Technologies in Medical Mechatronics
SMC2013:S14 Modelling and Automatic Control in Biomedical Systems
SMC2013:S15 Energy Efficient Systems
SMC2013:S16 Conflict Resolution
SMC2013:S17 Enterprise Architecture and Engineering
SMC2013:S18 Issues in EHR representation, integration, analysis
SMC2013:S19 Cybernetic Intelligent Systems
SMC2013:S20 Systems Safety & Security
SMC2013:S21 Discrete Event Systems
SMC2013:S22 Medical Image and Signal Processing
SMC2013:S23 Medical and Health Care Systems
SMC2013:S24 Physiologically-Inspired Systems
SMC2013:S25 Environmental Sensing, Networking and Decision Making
SMC2013:C01 Distributed Optimization and Collective Intelligence
SMC2013:C02 Matrix and Tensor Analysis for Big Vision
SMC2013:C03 Hybrid Metaheuristics
SMC2013:C04 Innovative Technologies and Applications in Computer Intelligence
SMC2013:C05 Granular Computing
SMC2013:C06 Learning from Big Data and Uncertainty
SMC2013:C07 Intelligent Network Computing & Applications
SMC2013:C08 Computational Intelligence for Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing
SMC2013:C09 Data Intensive Knowledge Management in the Cloud
SMC2013:C10 Automation Technology and Innovative Intelligence Applications
SMC2013:C11 Simple and Effective Machine Learning for Big Data
SMC2013:C12 Soft Computing
SMC2013:C13 Machine learning
SMC2013:C14 Cloud Computing
SMC2013:C15 Innovations in Intelligent Computation and Applications
SMC2013:C16 Metaheuristic Algorithms for Data Mining
SMC2013:C17 Medical Informatics
SMC2013:C18 Advances in Medical Informatics
Human-Machine Systems
SMC2013:H01 Driver-Vehicle Systems, Modelling, Dynamics and Control
SMC2013:H02 Human Machine Interface and Haptics
SMC2013:H03 Shared Control
SMC2013:H04 Computational Awareness
SMC2013:H05 Human Centered Transportation Systems
SMC2013:H06 Proactive Health Care Systems, Methodologies and Applications
SMC2013:H07 Perception.Part A: Perception and Its Applications
SMC2013:H08 Perception.Part B: Perceptual Factors in Graphics
SMC2013:H09 Automated Driving and Safety Systems
SMC2013:H10 Applications of Systems Engineering for the Design of Advanced Safety Related Functions in the Automotive Sector
SMC2013:H11 Smart Technologies for Civil Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
SMC2013:H12 Future ICT-Enabled Manufacturing Execution
SMC2013:H13 Collaborative Technologies and Applications
SMC2013:H14 Collaborative Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things Technology
SMC2013:H15 Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Chains